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If Kushiel Characters Had LJs


Phedre initially got a lj because Delaunay asked her to. He gets her to friend people he can’t trick into friending one of his sockpuppets. She’s got 100s of “friends of” but is very careful about who she friends (except for that time she friended Melisande). Has multiple filters. Her entries are either porn/BDSM-related stuff, musings about fandom dynamics, or deep thoughts about the nature of pain. Joscelin wishes she’d stop posting naked pics of herself.

Joscelin got an lj because Phedre begged him to. Doesn’t use it much at first, later uses it to ANGST. He used to be a member of the cassiline_brotherhood community, but got banned. He’s got a very small f-list.

Hyacinthe is a definite BNF, with an f-list topping over 500. Everybody is shocked when he suddenly defriends everyone but masterofthestraits & locks all his posts. Phedre keeps trying to PM him to find out what’s up.

Delaunay has filters within filters, & several sockpuppets. He keeps track of who’s friended/defriended who each week. His f-list is relatively small, a result of him being banned from the main fandom communities due to some nasty grudgewank. Posts his poetry in private entries.

Melisande has countless sockpuppets. Despite being a BNF in her own right, Melisande is constantly looking for ways to bring down the other BNFs in the fandom. Her ultimate goal is to become moderator of the terre_dange community. Keeps trying to get Delaunay to friend one of her sockpuppets so she can see stuff he keeps hidden from her. Succeeds in getting Phedre to friend her, and from there gets Delaunay’s journal deleted.

Imriel has quite possibly the most emo lj ever. He posts very long entries filled with angst & emo song lyrics. Mavros comments with LOLcats & links to free porn to cheer him up. Never locks anything, but learns to pretty quick when he realizes that Barquiel was responsible for all the anonymous snarky comments on his entries. Friends one of Melisande’s sockpuppets, then wonders how she knows what he posts.

Ysandre is an up-&-coming BNF. She becomes the next mod of the terre_dange community. Has many “friends of,” but only friends back a handful of them. Her entries are all locked.

Barquiel is a well-known fandom BNF & moderator of the namarre community. Is known for being quite hilarious, so everyone wonders what happened to him when he disappears shortly after joining khebbel_im_akkad. Spontaneously returns to the fandom after changing his lj layout to a Middle Eastern-themed one. Has 100s of “friends of,” but is very selective in who he friends. His lj is locked & he has filters within filters. Spends a lot of time on Fandom Wank snarking at the butthurt, esp. butthurt shippers.

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